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Why has my cashback been declined?
Why has my cashback been declined?
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As a member of Quidco, you're likely familiar with the exciting opportunities to earn cashback on your online purchases. However, it can be disappointing to discover that your cashback has been declined. In this guide, we will explore some common reasons why cashback may be declined and provide insights to help you understand and potentially resolve these issues.

Oops, Ineligible Transactions

Sometimes, your cashback gets declined due to the following reasons:

  • Returns, Cancellations, or Order Amendments: If you return an item, cancel your order, or make changes to it, the associated cashback may not be eligible. Cashback is typically awarded for completed purchases.

  • Not purchasing solely online: It's essential to note that cashback generally applies to online purchases only. Unfortunately, in-store purchases, over the phone, or other non-online methods may not qualify for cashback.

Another Referrer Got the Credit

Occasionally, another referrer receives the credit for your cashback instead of Quidco. Let's shed some light on this scenario:

  • Alternative Referral Sources: If you accessed the retailer's website through a different referrer, such as a price comparison or voucher site, they might receive the cashback commission instead of Quidco. To ensure proper tracking, please access the retailer's website directly through Quidco.

Didn't Comply with the Retailer's Terms and Conditions

Ensuring compliance with the retailer's terms and conditions is crucial to avoid cashback declines. Consider the following points:

  • Retailer-Specific Terms: Each retailer may have specific requirements for cashback eligibility. Take a moment to carefully review and abide by their terms and conditions when making a purchase. Cashback may only be available on certain items, which will be outlined on the retailer's page.

  • Unauthorised Voucher or Gift Codes: Using a voucher code or gift code that is not authorised by Quidco can result in cashback being declined. Stick to the approved voucher codes provided by Quidco to avoid any issues.

Uh-oh, It's Not You, It's the Merchant

There are cases where cashback declines are related to issues with the merchant. Please keep the following situations in mind:

  • Merchant Closure or Administration: If the merchant has ceased trading or gone into administration, it can affect your cashback. Unfortunately, it may not be possible to receive cashback for purchases made from such merchants.

Tracking and Validation Periods

Understanding the timeframes involved in the cashback process is important. Let's explore these periods:

  • Tracking Period: It may take a few hours or even a few days for your purchase to be tracked and reflected in your Quidco account. Please allow sufficient time for the tracking process to complete.

  • Validation Period: Retailers typically have a validation period during which they verify the transaction details before confirming the cashback. Please be patient during this period and await validation.

How to resolve declined cashback

If you don’t think any of these apply to your purchase, please raise a declined cashback claim, and we’ll contact the retailer to find out why they declined the cashback.

It's worth noting that you cannot raise a claim if you already have a claim raised on a purchase.

Some retailers will not allow claims and in these rare situations, we'll outline this in the 'Good to know' section of the retailers Quidco page. If this is the case, unfortunately we will not be able to investigate your decline further.

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