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Why can't I raise a cashback claim?
Why can't I raise a cashback claim?
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Although we do everything we can to make it easy for you to raise a missing or declined cashback claim, sometimes there may be reason why you are unable to.

Retailer rules

Certain retailers don't accept cashback claims, which means unfortunately we'd be unable to take this further. If a retailer doesn't accept claims you'll be able to see this on the 'Good to know' section on the retailers page.

Time limits for raising a claim

  • Missing cashback: Let us know within 45 days of your purchase.

  • Cashback declined: You've got 6 months to raise a claim..

Quidco Compare

  • These deals can take up to 120 days to track – hang tight!

  • Unfortunately, you can't raise claims on Quidco Compare just yet. If this is your first one and it's not showing, give our friendly Customer Support a shout.

If your claim is not tracking

You are unable to raise a claim if there is no record of the click through from Quidco to the retailers page when making your purchase. If there is no click through, no cashback journey has been recorded, so raising a claim would get declined as Quidco would not being recognised as the referrer by the retailer.

Completing the claim form

If you need to make a claim to track your cashback, you'll just need to fill in a few details about your purchase on this claims form.

If you're struggling to input the information in the claim, please take note of the prompts for the format of your information. It may be that the retailer requires a reference number in a different format. All information to raise your claim should be on the confirmation document you received from the retailer after you made the purchase. If you need any help raising the claim, please contact customer support who will be happy to help.

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