If you're struggling to input the information in the claim, please take note of the prompts for the format of your information. It may be that the retailer requires a reference number in a different format. All information to raise your claim should be on the confirmation document you received from the retailer after you made the purchase. If you need any help raising the claim, please contact customer support who will be happy to help.

It's worth noting that if your cashback is a set amount, rather than a % amount (for example, £50 for taking out an ISA), the purchase amount will always be the number 1. If your purchase is a % amount, you will need to put the full purchase amount.

Unfortunately there are a few retailers who do not accept cashback claims, and this will always be displayed under the heading 'Good to know' on a retailers page.

If you're still struggling to raise a cashback claim, please contact our support team.

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