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Why has my purchase tracked with amount £0?
Why has my purchase tracked with amount £0?
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If your purchase has tracked into your Quidco account but it's showing a £0.00 cashback amount, this could be down to one of the following reasons:

  • The item you purchased wasn't eligible for cashback. You can see the eligible items by checking the cashback rates available on the retailer pages. Some retailers sell a wide variety of products, but only offer cashback on a number of them.

  • If you've purchased a hotel stay with IHG, it's normal for this to track at £0.00 cashback initially. This should update within 30 days of your stay.

If you are certain that your purchase met all the conditions on the retailer's page and your purchase is still tracking at £0, please raise this as a missing cashback claim.

Used Quidco Compare?

Quidco Compare is our very own comparison service. If you've used it to purchase either an insurance policy, broadband package or energy tariff, we'll add the cashback to your Quidco account once the purchase is confirmed by the provider.

When will I see my Quidco Compare cashback?

Don't fret if your cashback doesn't appear instantly. Quidco Compare works a little differently than regular shopping. Here's what to expect:

  • A placeholder at first: You might see a £0 amount initially. This just lets you know you used Quidco Compare – the real cashback is on its way!

  • Timeframes to remember for Quidco Compare purchases

    • Insurance policies: Cashback for insurance policies purchased through Quidco Compare is usually tracked within 120 days and is ready to be paid within 12 months.

    • Broadband packages & Energy switches: Cashback for broadband & energy switches through Quidco Compare is usually tracked within 72 hours and is ready to be paid in 4-6 months.

  • Missing cashback? We got you: If the timeframes have passed and your cashback is still MIA, don't hesitate to contact our friendly support team via Messenger.

If your Quidco Compare cashback hasn't been tracked after the timeframes above, sadly, the cashback has not been tracked. This means that either Quidco wasn't seen as the referrer, or your purchase was not eligible for cashback. Our Tracking Tips & Tricks guide contains further information on how to make your purchases track more reliably. Unfortunately we are unable to raise missing cashback claims for purchases made through Quidco Compare.

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