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Why has my cashback claim been declined?
Why has my cashback claim been declined?
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If you've raised a cashback claim, there are occasions where the claim is declined by the retailer. When this happens, we should receive a reason why the cashback was declined - and some of the most common reasons for this are:

The purchase was returned or cancelled, or the order was amended

If you've returned or cancelled a product, you wouldn't be eligible for cashback on these purchases. Amending an order can sever the link between Quidco and the retailer, and can mean that Quidco isn't seen as being the referrer for the purchase - this can also happen for part-cancellations or part-returns.

The purchase was not completed wholly online

When you purchase through Quidco, both ourselves and the retailer rely on cookies to track your purchase - this ensures the retailer can be certain that you purchased through a Quidco link and cashback can be paid. If you've completed a purchase offline (e.g. by calling a provider to take out a product), the retailer cannot see that your journey originated on Quidco and cashback cannot be paid.

Another referrer has been awarded the cashback commission

This can happen if you've been shopping around on other cashback, voucher code or comparison websites before making a purchase, or if you had multiple tabs open at the time of purchasing. A retailer may decline cashback if another website has been attributed to your purchase rather than Quidco. See our Tracking Tips & Tricks guide for some helpful tips.

You didn’t comply with the terms and conditions of the retailer

Some retailers have specific terms and conditions that need to be met for cashback to be paid. Common exclusions are paying with a gift card or using a voucher code, but sometimes there are specific products that are excluded from cashback. You can visit the retailer's page on Quidco prior to purchasing to find the retailer's T&Cs. Please note, retailers do not have to tell us which particular term wasn't met if your cashback was declined for this reason.

A voucher code or gift code not authorised by us was used

As mentioned above, using voucher codes is a common exclusion in a retailer's cashback terms and conditions. Using a code can also mean that Quidco isn't seen as the referrer, so the retailer may pay a commission to a different website instead.

The merchant has ceased trading or has gone into administration

Unfortunately, we may not be able to pay cashback on purchases made with retailers who have ceased trading or gone intro administration.

The claim was raised outside of the 45-day window

Missing or incorrect cashback claims can only be raised within 45 days of the purchase date. Claims raised outside of this window are likely to be declined by the retailer.

Unfortunately, if any of the above reasons are true to your purchase, we're unable to help further.

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