Phishing is a cybercrime in which a target is contacted by email by someone posing as a legitimate business to lure individuals into providing sensitive data like bank details or passwords.
Occasionally, email addresses similar to or the same as the ones that Quidco use may be set up by a hacker in an attempt to harvest your details when you click links contained the email body.

Please don't worry though, as soon as we find out about these email address, we will act to have these shut down as soon as we can. But to ensure your details are safe we would always advise double checking that the email has been sent from one of the below email addresses:

We would recommend adding these email address to your safe senders list to ensure that you always receive information regarding your Quidco account.

We will only ever send out system emails to you regarding your cashback, or marketing emails which advertise the retailers on our site.

We will never send an email asking you to take part in any product testing or sign up to any other websites. If you receive any emails like this, even if they're from one of our trusted email addresses, please don't click any links contained on the email and contact customer support, who will look into this further for you.

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