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How does Quidco work?
How does Quidco work?
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Earn Real Cashback with Every Click: A Guide to Quidco

Ever wish you could get a slice of the pie back from your online shopping? That's the magic of Quidco! We partner with thousands of popular retailers, from fashion giants to tech titans, and when you shop through Quidco, you earn a percentage of your spending back as real cashback.

So, how does it work?

Imagine Quidco as your friendly shopping buddy:

  1. Sign up for free: Joining Quidco takes just seconds and is completely free.

  2. Find your store: Search for your favorite retailer or browse our categories.

  3. Click & shop: Click the Quidco link to visit the store's website, sending a tiny message (like a secret handshake) saying you came from Quidco.

  4. Cashback magic! Quidco tracks your purchase, and once confirmed, you'll see the cashback appear in your account.

  5. Withdraw or save: Once your cashback reaches a certain amount, you can withdraw it to your bank or save it for later.

Think of those tiny messages as cookies, but instead of crumbs, they give you cashback! It's all done securely and in the background.

Who pays for this cashback?

Retailers are happy to pay a small commission for each customer Quidco sends their way. They see it as a marketing fee for acquiring new customers, and Quidco shares a portion of that commission with you as cashback!

How much can I earn?

Cashback rates vary depending on the retailer and can range from 1% to a20% or even more for special offers. With regular shopping, you could easily earn hundreds of pounds a year in cashback. Plus, Quidco Premium members enjoy even higher rates and exclusive deals, maximizing their earnings.

Why choose Quidco?

  • Massive retailer selection: Find your favorite stores, from big names to hidden gems.

  • Top cashback rates: We negotiate the best deals, so you earn more.

  • Regular bonus offers: Get extra cashback with limited-time promotions.

  • Easy & secure: Your information is always safe, and tracking is seamless.

  • Optional Quidco Premium: Unlock even higher cashback rates, exclusive deals, and faster withdrawals for a small monthly fee.

Ready to start earning cashback?

Sign up for free today and see how quickly it adds up!

Want to learn more?

  • Check out our FAQs for answers to common questions, including more about cookies and tracking.

  • Contact our friendly support team if you need any help.

Remember, with Quidco, every click counts!

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