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How do Quidco bonuses work, and when will I receive them?
How do Quidco bonuses work, and when will I receive them?

Here's everything you need to know about bonuses.

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Bonuses - an overview

With Quidco, there are two main types of bonuses:

  • Opt in bonuses: these require opting in via email or an offer on the site. Some have sign-up limits or are only available for specific purchases or particular members (e.g. premium members). You'll need to opt in to the bonus before making a purchase.

  • Sign up bonuses: these are available to new users who sign up through a referral link from a friend, or a promotional link from another website.

Bonuses usually have specific terms and conditions that must be met to qualify for the bonus. These include:

  • Refer a friend: if you refer a friend, or your friend refers you to Quidco, the unique referral link must be used during sign-up. The new member needs to earn £5 confirmed cashback for the bonus to be paid.

  • New member bonuses: the terms and conditions should state if there is a minimum spend requirement or particular items excluded from the bonus.

Here are some tips for tracking bonuses:

  • Bonuses you've opted in to can be found in your account activity page, or the bonus cashback section in your Quidco app.

  • Bonuses are paid once cashback for the qualifying purchase has been approved, approximately 3 - 5 days once your cashback or claim has been paid depending on the retailer.

What is a bonus?

Bonuses are additional amounts of money paid on top of cashback, usually a set amount rather than a percentage of your purchase. The main types of bonus are opt in and sign up bonuses.

Opt in bonuses

For this type of bonus to be paid, you'll need to opt in through the email we've sent or through the offer you've found on the site. Some bonuses have a limit to the amount of people that can opt-in, or are only available on specific types of purchases, so it's important to make sure that you've opted-in and read the terms before making your purchase. You cannot opt in to a bonus after making a purchase, you must do this beforehand.

Some bonuses are only available to specific members, for example new users or premium members - so please don't use a bonus link that someone other than Quidco has sent to you, as it may not work.

Once you've opted in you'll be able to see the bonus amount using your Bonus Cashback filter in your Activity page with the status 'Tracked'.

You’ve now successfully unlocked your bonus. Once you've made your qualifying purchase, the retailer needs to approve the cashback before we add the bonus amount to your account, when it's status will change to 'Confirmed'. Quidco bonuses will be paid once the cashback for your qualifying purchase, which is linked to your bonus, is approved by the retailer. You will receive your bonus payment approximately 3 - 5 days once your cashback or claim has been paid depending on the retailer.

Unfortunately, if you haven’t made a purchase that qualifies for this bonus the status of your bonus will update to 'Declined'.

Sign up bonuses

If you're new to Quidco (hello!) and signed up either using a referral link from a friend, or a promotional offer link from another business, you can qualify for a bonus.

Refer a friend

If you've joined Quidco using your friend's unique referral, you'll need to earn at least £5 confirmed cashback to meet the Terms & Conditions of the incentive before the bonus can be paid. Your friend will also receive the bonus once you hit £5 cashback.

In order to receive the Refer a Friend bonus, you must earn at least £5 in confirmed cashback from your transactions. Please note that any bonus payments you receive will not count towards this £5 requirement.

Sadly we're not able to pay this bonus if you forgot to use your friend's link when you signed up.

Want to refer a friend to Quidco? Simply visit the referrals page to get your unique link.

New member bonuses

When signing up to Quidco through a promotional link, there will be Terms & Conditions specific to this bonus offer before it can be paid to you, such as a minimum spend or purchase of specific products. Please read the full Terms & Conditions for information on when to expect your bonus.

Where do I find my bonuses in the Quidco app?

We've created a section specifically for Quidco bonuses in the app. You'll find it in the Account tab and then under the Bonus cashback section.

Under the 'Account' tab in the Quidco app, the 'Bonus cashback' link is the fourth option down in the 'Your activities' section

Need more support with your bonus?

Please get in touch with the team via Messenger if you've got any further questions about bonuses, or you don't think your bonus has tracked.

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