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Updating your email address and password
Updating your email address and password
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How to change your password

You can visit the security section in your Quidco account. You will need to provide your existing password and the one you would like to change it to. Use the drop down menu next to the 'password' option to update your information.

If you don’t know your existing password

Please request a password reset email from this page

To change the email address you use for Quidco

If you still have access to your old email address, you can change this by going to general account settings.

If you can no longer access your existing email address

Please contact the Quidco support team with the following information to hand:

· Your name

· Your old email address

· Your new email address

· Two previous purchases

· Your most recent payment method (e.g. BACS, Debenhams, Amazon etc.)

· The last 4 digits of your bank account number registered (if you have one)

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