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A few helpful tips to make tracking more reliable

Updated over a week ago

Around 98% of purchases will track to your Quidco activity successfully, however, there may be an occasion where your purchase doesn’t track. Below is a checklist of tips to follow to help with any tracking issues but remember, if your purchase doesn’t track, the first thing you should do is a raise a missing cashback claim (within 45 days of purchase) so we can get that cashback tracked into your activity manually:

  • Make sure you’re signed in. Cashback will only track into your account if you click through from a signed-in account.

  • Make sure cookies are enabled on your browser and pop-up ad blockers are disabled.

  • Make sure you’re not using a private or incognito browser.

  • Keep open windows and tabs to a minimum.

  • Complete your purchase in one go. Saving your shopping basket to complete at a later date can cause your cashback to be declined as too much time has passed for the referral to be paid to us.

Just for good measure, why not download our Quidco Cashback Reminder to help with the tracking of your purchases. This will give you a nudge if you visit a retailer that offers cashback without going through Quidco so you don’t miss out.

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