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My cashback is not the correct amount I was expecting
My cashback is not the correct amount I was expecting
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We know excitement bubbles when you spot that juicy cashback offer! But before you go on a celebratory shopping spree, remember that sometimes, the final cashback amount might not mirror the initial advert. Don't panic! This article will shed light on the reasons behind this, keeping your expectations realistic and your Quidco experience smooth.

Multiple Cashback Rates

Sometimes, the rate that tracks might be different from the one you saw while browsing. This happens because the specific product(s) you purchased may qualify for a different rate within the retailer's offerings. For example, you might see "up to 10% cashback," but your cart contains an item eligible only for 5% cashback. The tracked rate will then reflect the 5% applicable to your purchase.

Cashback Confirmation & Uplifts

Sometimes, cashback tracking kicks in with a placeholder amount like £0. This doesn't mean you've missed out! It simply indicates that the purchase is being tracked. The final confirmed cashback amount will be uplifted to the advertised offer once the retailer verifies your purchase. Usually, this process takes about 2 weeks, but it can be longer.

Here's when you might see a difference

  • Certain product categories: Travel bookings, insurance purchases, and some financial products often have longer confirmation times due to complex verification processes. Expect the initial tracked amount to be lower or even £0 until confirmed.

  • Promotional offers: If you used a voucher code or special offer alongside our Quidco cashback link, the final cashback might be adjusted or even cancelled based on the terms of the promotion.

  • VAT, admin and delivery charges: some retailers do not pay cashback on these types of charges, which means your actual purchase amount may be lower. This can change your eligibility for certain cashback rates if there is a minimum purchase amount required. You can check your invoice or order confirmation for a breakdown of the fees. If it's not clear, you can check the VAT amount using this tool:


  • Always check the specific cashback rate for the product you're interested in. Don't assume the "up to" amount applies to everything.

  • Be patient with purchases that involve longer confirmation times. Your tracked amount will eventually be updated with the confirmed cashback.

  • Your final cashback amount could be lower than you expected due to membership fees. Remember to check your account to ensure that the lower amount isn't due to membership fees for a Premium account

  • If you have any concerns, don't hesitate to contact our friendly support team! They're always happy to clarify and help you track your cashback.

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