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Claim statuses - what do they mean?
Claim statuses - what do they mean?
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If your cashback hasn't tracked, or isn't tracking at the correct amount, you can raise a claim on your Quidco account so that we can contact the retailer about your purchase.

The What is a claim and when are they needed? guide covers the two types of claims and how to raise them, but in this guide, we'll cover all of the stages that claims go through once you've raised them so you know what to expect.

Once a claim has been raised, you can check the progress of it by visiting the claims section of your account activity. Clicking on a claim will bring up more information, including the status of the current claim. There are five statuses in total:

Claim processing

This status means that your claim has been raised and our team are looking into it.

Further information required

This means that we need some more information before we're able to escalate your claim to the retailer; for example, if you've provided an order reference that isn't in the format we usually see. If your claim is showing this status, please check your email inbox as our claims team should have gotten in touch to let you know what we need.

Sent to retailer

When you see this status it means that we've checked that your claim includes all the information we require and we have sent it to the retailer for a decision.

Retailer decision

Once this status is marked green, good news! It means that the retailer has marked your claim as "to be paid" and you will receive your cashback once the retailer has sent the payment to us.


If you see this status on your claim, it means that unfortunately, the retailer has told us that your purchase wasn't eligible for cashback. Our Why has my cashback been declined? guide covers the most common reasons why cashback is declined, but please note you will be unable to raise a declined cashback claim on a claim that you've already manually raised.

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