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Why hasn't my Amazon cashback tracked?
Why hasn't my Amazon cashback tracked?
Updated over a week ago

We're sorry your Amazon purchase hasn't tracked yet. Cashback for Amazon will track into your account 24 hours after your purchase has been delivered.

Checking the cashback rate

Have you checked that the items you have purchased are eligible for cashback? Amazon sells a wide variety of products, but only offer cashback on certain Amazon purchases. You can see a full list of the products that are available for cashback on the Amazon Cashback Deals page.

Terms & Conditions

Retailers have their own individual cashback terms; Amazon's are listed 'Do's and Don'ts'; you can also find these under the 'Cashback details' tab if using the app. This section always outlines the specifics on what you need to be aware of when purchasing from a retailer - for example Amazon do not pay cashback if your purchase was paid using a gift card or a discount code.

Common tracking issues

Tracking can be affected by your browser settings. When you are shopping through Quidco, please make sure that you have enabled cookies and pop-ups, and remember that if your browser has recently been updated, you may need to check that these are still enabled. Using a VPN on your device or browser can also interfere with tracking as the retailer isn't able to see that you accessed its site through Quidco - so it's best to disable these before using the site.

Making amendments to your purchase can also cause your cashback not to track. For example, if you've cancelled part of your order, this can break the link between Quidco and Amazon.

Next steps

If you made your Amazon purchase more than 5 days ago and it has also been more than 24 hours since delivery, please raise a Missing Cashback Claim within 45 days of the transaction and we can raise this with Amazon manually.

If you have already raised a claim, you can view the claim and any updates on your Activity page.

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