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What is a claim and when will I need one?
What is a claim and when will I need one?
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A claim is a way to manually track your cashback. You'll need to raise a claim if;

  • Your cashback doesn't track within 72 hours of your purchase

  • Your cashback is declined and you haven't received a reason or don't agree with the reason provided

If you need to make a claim to track your cashback, you'll just need to fill in a few details about your purchase on this claims form.

Don’t worry if you raise a claim and don’t hear from us for a while, all claims are handled by our specialist team who deal with the retailers and we'll provide updates through your Quidco activity in the claims section.

Certain retailers don't accept cashback claims, which means that if you're purchase doesn't track or is declined, unfortunately we'd be unable to take this further. If a retailer doesn't accept claims you'll be able to see this on the 'Good to know' section on their Quidco page.

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