Why has my bonus been declined?
Updated over a week ago

Bonuses may be declined if certain terms are not met and your purchase, therefore, doesn't qualify for the bonus.

There are a few reasons that this may have happened:

  • Your purchase was not made within the bonus timeframe

  • Your purchase has not met the specified minimum spend

  • The cashback that the bonus has linked with has been declined

  • The cashback claim that the bonus has linked with has been declined

  • Sometimes a cashback claim may take some time to resolve; this may mean that the bonus expires before we are able to link the cashback/claim as it has taken so long to confirm the claim.

If your bonus has been declined, you will see a 'Declined' status on your Bonus Cashback
If you feel your purchase was eligible for the bonus or you disagree with the reason that your cashback was declined, please contact customer support, and we'll be happy to help.

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