My purchase hasn't linked to the bonus
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What is a bonus?

Bonuses are additional amounts of money paid on top of cashback, typically these are a set monetary amount rather than a percentage of your purchase.

To qualify for a bonus, you'll need to opt-in and make a purchase that meets the terms and conditions of the bonus. For example, a retailer may ask you to make a purchase of £5 or more to be eligible for a bonus. The bonus will then be paid when the linked cashback or claim gets paid. Please be aware that most bonuses have opt-in limits.

Bonus tracking tips

A bonus may not track if you've not met the terms and conditions set by the retailer. When opting in, make sure to read the T&Cs carefully to check if there are specific items you need to purchase, or whether you need to meet a qualifying spend amount to become eligible for the bonus.

Once you've opted into a bonus, you'll see this listed on your activity page. Before making your purchase, make sure that this bonus appears on your activity page. When you've made a purchase, you should see the retailer appear as an 'Associated Retailer'.

Please note

Not all bonuses are available to every member. Please only use bonus links that you have seen on your own Quidco account or that have been sent to you directly via email or SMS to be eligible.

If after opting in, the bonus does not appear in your activity page, this can mean you have not successfully opted in (for example, the opt-in limit has been met). It can take a couple of hours to show within your activity.

My purchase hasn't linked to a bonus

When you've opted into a bonus and can see this on your activity page, the associated retailer should show as 'pending' until you've made a qualifying purchase that links to the bonus.

It can take up to 5 working days for the bonus to link once you've made the qualifying purchase. If you've opted in to similar bonuses around the same time, you may see your purchase link to a different bonus.

Please get in touch with the support team via Messenger if your bonus hasn't successfully tracked to a qualifying purchase but the cashback has been paid.

If you've had to raise a missing cashback claim, we will need to wait for the cashback to be paid on this claim before it can be associated with a bonus.

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