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How much cashback will I get?
How much cashback will I get?
Updated over a week ago

Every retailer on Quidco has their own set of cashback rates and we are constantly searching for the best rates and offers for you to get the most out of Quidco.

On each retailer page you will find a list of rates under the heading 'online cashback rates'. You can also find out important information relating to cashback with that retailer under the headings 'what will stop me earning cashback' & 'good to know' so it’s important that you give these a read through before you click to visit the retailer and purchase, this way you’ll know how much you can earn.

Let’s take a look at an example:

As you can see each rate is marked with what categories and products are required to be purchased in order to earn that rate. Retailers will offer either a fixed amount of cashback or a percentage of the purchase price, although most retailers won’t pay cashback on VAT or delivery charges, so when your cashback shows in your Quidco activity the purchase amount will show minus these charges.

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