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How long does a withdrawal take?
How long does a withdrawal take?

All you need to know about BACS, PayPal and gift card requests

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The cashback has been added to your balance and you now want to withdraw and spend it? We don't blame you! We have a few different methods of withdrawal and payment, and we will detail how long each kind will take below. There are some differences depending on how many times you've withdrawn before, so be sure to read on! πŸ‘€

Just before we list each payment type, it's worth noting that all payments are processed internally on 'payment run days'. These are every weekday (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday). For a payment to be processed in a payment run, it must have been requested no later than midnight the night prior to the payment run. (Payment run dates may differ and/or be delayed when a Bank Holiday is present).

The timescales listed for each payment method below only apply if it is not your first time withdrawing to them. If it's your first time withdrawing to a bank account, PayPal account or a gift card, you'll need to allow a further 48 hours for the payment to be received due to our security checks. For any further withdrawals, the timescales below apply.

BACS (Bank Transfer)

As a standard, BACS will be processed the morning of the payment run and you should see the funds in 3 working days. BACS cannot be sped up at all, as we send the funds on the first working day, the payment is processed by the bank on the second working day, and then the funds get credited to your bank account on the third working day. Typically, here is when you'll see payment:
Processed on a Monday payment run: Wednesday

Processed on a Tuesday payment run: Thursday

Processed on a Wednesday payment run: Friday

Processed on a Thursday payment run: Monday

Processed on a Friday payment run: Tuesday

The payment will be processed the morning of the payment run if your request was submitted before midnight of the night before, and if your bank details have been registered to your account for more than 48 hours up to the day of the payment run. If you've added your bank details for the first time, there is a 48-hour payment hold period, whereby we will not be able to send a BACS payment to you. Your request will then be sent on the next payment run day from your 48-hour hold expiring.


Payments requested via PayPal are received in your PayPal account the same day as the payment run, This is usually received in the afternoon, typically no later than 3pm (occasional delays may occur).

Much like for BACS - your PayPal email address must be registered with us at least 48 hours before we may process a payment, and your request be with us before midnight of the payment run day. If you have a 48-hour security hold on your newly added details, your payment will be sent on the next payment run date from when your hold expires.

Depending on the status of your PayPal account, you may need to 'accept' the payment within your PayPal account. The two main reasons you will need to accept the payment are:
1) Your PayPal is not registered in the UK and your main currency is not GBP. (PayPal always require you to accept funds sent in a currency that you do not hold).

2) You do not have a bank account registered to your PayPal account.

Gift card

Gift cards are received the same day as the payment run. Usually, these are in the afternoon, so please allow time on the day of the payment run for these to process and arrive in your inbox. All gift cards come from the email address, so please make sure this is a registered safe sender within your email (most unreceived emails are either filtered into junk or spam, and adding this will resolve that).

Your gift card request must be received before midnight of the day prior to the payment run. If you are requesting a gift card brand for the first time, there is always a 48-hour payment hold for security checking. Your gift card will then be sent on the next available payment run day.

For example, if you've always received payments as an Amazon gift card, and make a request on Tuesday afternoon for a new Amazon gift card, this will be processed and sent to you on the next payment run day (Wednesday). If you instead requested a JustEat gift card and it is the first time you've ever requested a JustEat gift card, you will have a 48-hour payment hold and the gift card will be sent on the next available payment run date after this hold; in this example, this would be the Friday.

M&S gift cards

M&S gift cards process slightly differently from all other gift card types, so you should expect to see these no later than 10 working days after your request. Please consider that your gift card request may also have a 48-hour payment hold if it's the first time you've requested an M&S gift card, so your 10 working days will begin after that hold.

All M&S gift cards are sent from the email address Please make sure this is added to your safe senders list as resending an M&S gift card may take a further 7-10 working days.

What to do if you haven't received your withdrawal?

  • If you have requested the payment via BACs or Paypal, please ensure that the details in your payment settings are correct.

  • If you requested a payment via gift card, more than 10 days ago, please check your junk and spam inboxes. If the email still hasn't arrived, please contact customer support so that we can resend the Gift Card to you.

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