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How do I withdraw cashback?
How do I withdraw cashback?
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You’ve made your purchases, we’ve received the cashback from the retailer, now it’s time for you to request a withdrawal. We offer a variety of different payment options from straight to your bank or PayPal to retailer-specific gift cards which give you a percentage uplift on the cashback amount paid. If you use the Quidco app you are also able to withdraw part of your balance.

When we receive the cashback we will notify you and update the purchase in your activity to “confirmed”. When you see the status “confirmed” you’ll know that you can make a withdrawal request to receive cashback. You simply need to head to your payments page and click “withdraw” on the preferred option of payment and we'll take care of the rest.

Minimum withdrawal amounts

Depending on how you're wanting to withdraw your confirmed cashback, there are minimum withdrawal amounts for each method. If you want to withdraw straight back into your bank or via PayPal, you will need a balance of at least £1. This amount can be greater if you're wanting a gift card, so please check the payments page for each minimum withdrawal amount.

Withdrawing cashback​

If you wish to request a withdrawal to your bank or PayPal account, make sure we have your current details registered in your settings page. When you add a new payment method, there will be a 48-hour hold period for us to security check these (including when selecting a gift card). See our How long does a withdrawal take? guide for a detailed breakdown of how long it will take to receive your payment.

We’ll keep a running record for you on your statement page of all cashback amounts that have reached the “confirmed” status and a log of all withdrawals you make and what method of withdrawal you used.

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