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How to 'part withdraw' some of your wallet balance
How to 'part withdraw' some of your wallet balance

Only want to withdraw a small part of your available balance? Read me to find out how!

Updated over a week ago

We offer partial withdrawals using the Quidco mobile app. You can download the Quidco app from the App Store or Google Play.

To use this feature and withdraw only part of your balance, you need to go to

Account -> Withdraw Balance and then select your preferred payment method.

Next to your 'amount to withdraw' you will find an edit button. Pressing this will allow you to type in the exact amount you wish to withdraw.

Your top-up bonus will automatically be calculated underneath if applicable.

Some retailers will only be available to withdraw via the app, and for these retailers the amount to withdraw will be in a fixed denomination, such as £5 or £10. For these retailers, please select the appropriate button to match the amount you'd like to withdraw.

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