When you’ve made a successful purchase via Quidco, the cashback will ‘track’ into your Activity page, so the first status you will see is ‘tracked’. This means that we know you’ve made a purchase and we are waiting for the cashback to come through. It’s in this period that the retailer will check to make sure you’ve met the terms of the offer.

During this time you'll be able to use the drop down box next to your transaction to view your Purchase ID, Purchase Amount and Estimated Payment date. You can also determine how far along your cashback is in the process. The 'Status Update' will let you know when your cashback has last moved along this process. The first stage will be 'returns and cancellations', meaning we have to wait for the retailer's returns period to be over to ensure that you haven't returned the item before your cashback gets processed. Next is the 'retailer decision' which shows you that your information is currently with the retailer, waiting on a decision.

When we receive the cashback for this purchase, we will update your tracked purchase to ‘confirmed’. This means that the cashback is ready for withdrawal. You can make a withdrawal request from your payments page.

If you don’t follow the terms and conditions of the cashback offer, your cashback may be declined. In this case, we will update the cashback to ‘declined’ on your Activity page.

If your purchase doesn't track, you'll need to raise a claim here so we can track your purchase manually. When you've raised a claim you'll be able to follow it's progress in the same way as a tracked purchase from your claims tab in your Activity page.

The drop down menu next to each claim will show whether we 'need further information,' if this is the case we will send you an email requesting the information we need, once we have everything we need your claim will change to 'sent to retailer' whilst we await their decision.

If your claim is approved we will mark this as “successful” on your claims tab. We then need to wait for the cashback to be sent through to us so please allow up to 90 days for the cashback to become available from that date that it changes to 'successful'.

If your claim is denied as the terms and conditions weren't met, we will update this to “unsuccessful” and send you an email to explain the reason we were given for this.

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