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Welcome to Quidco! Our first-timers' guide to cashback
Welcome to Quidco! Our first-timers' guide to cashback

Here's how to become a Quidco-pro in no time

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๐Ÿ‘‹ Welcome! With Quidco, you can earn cashback on your everyday purchases from thousands of retailers. You won't find a better place to earn cashback!

What is cashback, and how does it work?

Cashback is a commission fee that the retailer pays us when our members purchase from them through us. We then pass this fee over to members. Cashback can be paid as a fixed amount, or a percentage of your purchase.

When you use Quidco to make a purchase, there are a number of steps that happen behind the scenes. Essentially, when you click through to the retailer's website, this is tracked by a cookie (small pieces of data on your device) from a third party affiliate network so that they can identify that you clicked through from Quidco to make your purchase. Once the retailer pays the third party, they will pay a fee to Quidco so that we can pass the cashback on to you!

Some retailers pass on the payment faster than others, but the typical timescale for cashback will be displayed on each retailer's cashback deals page either under the terms and conditions or under 'retailer stats'.

How do I best use Quidco?

Treat Quidco as a search engine. If there's a purchase you're looking to make, search for the retailer or category on our site to see if you can earn cashback on the items you want to buy. You can earn cashback on thousands of retailers - from holidays to health insurance, clothing and credit cards! Keep an eye out for flash sales, bonuses and boosted cashback offers, which can bag you more on top of your usual cashback.

Tracking cashback

Once you've made your purchase, this should be tracked as a transaction on your account within the timeframe stated on the retailer's cashback page (typically within three days, but often much faster than this). You can view these transactions and the amount of tracked cashback on your account's Activity page.

The transaction will show information such as the amount of cashback tracked, your total purchase amount, estimated payment date and the status of the cashback. Each transaction needs to be confirmed by the retailer to ensure that the purchase meets the terms and conditions in order for the cashback to be paid.

Confirmed cashback

Hooray! Once the retailer has confirmed that you're eligible for cashback, see the transaction in your activity page change from tracked to confirmed. Once we receive the funds from the retailer, the cashback will be added to your Quidco account, which you can then withdraw if you wish.

Please note:

Cashback is not guaranteed. We do our best to make sure every member gets their cashback, but tracking issues do happen on occasion. If the retailer isn't able to see that you made your purchase through Quidco or if you made amendments to your purchase, this can mean that your purchase will not track, and we're not able to pay cashback for it. Please take a look at our Tracking Tips & Tricks guide for more information on making sure your purchases are tracked every time.

Great, my cashback has been confirmed. Now, how do I withdraw it?

We offer a wide variety of payment options, such as paying your cashback directly into your bank account, into a PayPal account or in the form of a gift card, which offers a percentage uplift on your payable cashback balance.

When you're ready to withdraw, head to the payments page on your account and click withdraw beside your chosen payment option. If you'd like to request a withdrawal to your bank or PayPal account, please ensure we have your up-to-date details registered on your settings page. When you add a new PayPal account or BACS bank account details, there will be a 48-hour hold period for us to validate and security check these. Please allow up to 6 working days for the payment to reach you.


Weโ€™ll keep a running record on your statement page of all cashback amounts that have reached the confirmed status, a log of all withdrawals you make and what withdrawal method you used.

Have more questions?

Our extensive Help Centre should cover the most frequently asked questions. Have a look around, or if you have a specific query, you can type this into the search bar using keywords. You will also find a number of hints and tips as to how to make the most out of your account.

If you need some tailored support or there's something we haven't covered, please reach out to the team.

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