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Locating a Groupon order reference number
Locating a Groupon order reference number
Updated over a week ago

When raising a claim for Groupon, we require that you share your order reference with Groupon to help us process the claim. The reference number provided needs to be a 10 digit numerical reference, which should begin with the number 9, for example:


This is not to be confused with any reference that has a mix of letters and numbers, or any reference that may being with 1200-

To find your Groupon order number, simply log into your Groupon account through the website and navigate to the top right, where you'll see 'My Stuff' πŸ‘‡

On here, simply click on 'My Stuff' and select 'My Groupons' πŸ‘‡

It's on this page that you'll see all of your Groupon orders. At the bottom left of each order, you'll find this number, as highlighted below πŸ‘‡

Note: You'll need to be logged in to Groupon's website to find your order number. You won't be able to able to find this using the Groupon app, so please visit the website through a browser instead.

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