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Love2Shop is a great choice if you want to spend your cashback at a diverse selection of retailers.

Here's the important bits that you need to know before you request a withdrawal for a Love2Shop Rewards code 👇

  • Love2Shop is currently only available as a withdrawal option in the Quidco app.

  • The minimum withdrawal amount is £5.00

  • Cashback may only be requested in denominations of round numbers. Any cashback requested below £1.00 will be lost

  • The gift card is for online use only

  • Once received, a gift card will be valid for 6 months

  • The gift card may show a nil balance when received. This is normal, and it will update to the expected balance within 2 working days

  • Once your withdrawal request has been completed, this means we won't be able to refund your Love2Shop reward back to your Quidco wallet

How do I use a reward code?

You'll receive your reward code by email within 48 hours. You can redeem your code by clicking the Redeem your code button, which is shown below the reward details.

This email also shows the reward code value and expiry date, which you may wish to make a note of if you're not redeeming straight away. We'd always recommend keeping hold of this email until you've spent the full balance of the reward code.

Once you've clicked the button, you'll be taken to the Love2Shop website where you can enter the reward code.

Need a bit more support? Watch Love2Shop's video that walks you through the process:

What can I redeem using my rewards code?

Currently Love2Shop have over 50+ digital E-gift cards, 20+ physical gift cards including the popular Love2shop Gift Card, which offers more than 90 in-store brands on one card, plus over 100 additional gifts; hampers, flowers and much more. Which items are available to you may depend on who issued your reward code. For instance, your issuer may have removed certain brands, or removed physical products like gift cards.

Why is my rewards balance £0?

Please don't panic - your rewards balance can take up to 48 hours to appear after you've redeemed the code.

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