Looking to withdraw cashback as a JD eGift Card? Here you'll find everything to help you withdraw and some tips on how to use your gift card.

When you request your eGift Card, an email will be sent to you within 4 working days. This will have a code and a PIN as seen where the black boxes are in the image below.

Simply add your desired items to your basket, enter the details from your eGift Card and continue with your purchase.


JD eGift Cards can only be used on items that are delivered by JD themselves. If an item is delivered by a supplier directly, such as Nike or Adidas, these are excluded from being purchased with an eGift Card. To determine what items are eligible, you can add them to your basket and check who delivers your item.

You can see in the red bubble that the example trainers are delivered by JD, so these would be fine to use with the eGift Card. The trainers below are highlighted in green showing the item is delivered by Nike directly. In this example, these trainers would not be eligible with your eGift Card.

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