We're bringing you multiple flashback offers each week, sometimes with more than one in a single day! With offers so far including rates of 20%, 25% and even 50% cashback, it's no surprise that you're taking advantage of these offers! I'm sure you've got questions about our flashbacks, so in this article you'll learn everything you need to be a flashback expert!

Cashback Rate

The cashback rates we have are incredibly exciting - there's no denying that! They are time limited, and we'll always let you know how long the increased rate is active for. If you're already opted in to marketing emails you'll be the first to know of any amazing deals coming your way.

Better still, why not download the Quidco app and then we'll be able to send you a notification whenever we have a flashback on - meaning you never miss out! Typically a rate will be a day long event, but from time to time it'll be so special we'll only be able to run this for a few hours. One of the best ways to find out about these extra special flashbacks is to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and see what we're up to!

The rates will typically have a maximum cashback attached, which you can find inside the rate itself, such as "50% cashback on all purchases (Maximum cashback £25)". The cap is per order, but if there's more than one thing that's caught your eye - you'll be ok to clickthrough again and make a second purchase.

Sometimes a flashback will be on a specific rate, so be sure to check the section 'Online Cashback Rates' on the retailers page to check what you want to buy is covered in the flashback deal. For example a flashback rate might be "25% cashback on all purchases made through the Quidco app", so in that instance you'd need to be sure to visit the retailer through the Quidco app.


The majority of cashback will track within a few hours, but in some instances this can take up to 72 hours. We understand that when you make a purchase you're keen to know it's worked and see this in your account tracking - but please don't worry if this isn't visible immediately! In the rare instance that a purchase does not track after this time has passed, we'd need you to follow normal procedures and raise a missing cashback claim.

The claim form will allow you to raise this for the increased rate for the flashback, but if there are ever any issues with that, do reach out to our fantastic team on our messenger service so they can help you out. You can reach them by pressing the blue button at the bottom right of this page.

With these rates being so exclusive and time sensitive, it's normal that they will initially track at a lower rate than expected. In these situations, the last thing we want is for you to panic! You're in safe hands with us, so rest assured this will be updated to the correct amount within 3 working days. We do this automatically, which means you don't even need to drop us a message if this happens. Why not tell your friends about our offer, and by the time they sign up and start earning you a referral bonus, your cashback will have updated!

Additional discounts or offers

From time to time we may advertise a voucher code or a special offer the retailer has on top of the flashback rate. This works in the same way as normal cashback, whereby if the offer or voucher is advertised on the retailer's Quidco page, you can use this in conjunction with the cashback rate.

Just like normal cashback rates, our standard cashback exclusions will apply. Be sure to read the section 'What will stop me earning cashback' on the retailer's page to learn of any terms or conditions that might get in the way of your cashback tracking.

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