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How do I shop through Quidco?
How do I shop through Quidco?

Find out how to make purchases through us to earn cashback

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How do I find a retailer on Quidco?

Earning cashback through Quidco is simple. You essentially use our website as a search function to find the retailer you want to shop with, and then visit the retailer page through us so we can track your cashback to your account.

When you visit our homepage, you'll see it looks like this:

To get started, you can either search for a Retailer or keyword in the search bar, or you can browse through our categories. For example, if you were looking to change your Broadband provider, you could either search 'broadband', or you could search 'Sky' or 'BT'. You can also hover over our categories as shown in the picture above and go to Telecoms for all of our Telecoms cashback.

How do I find a cashback rate on your site?

Now you've decided on a retailer to shop with, you're going to want to find out what cashback rates they offer and how to take advantage of these. The first thing you'll see, is this:

Each retailer page will start with a section named 'Online offers & promotions'. This section will always detail and special offers the retailer are promoting. These can include special vouchers or discount codes that you can apply at checkout. Take note that the cashback you see attached to this is often an amount displayed as '+ up to £X cashback', as a retailer may have many different offers of cashback available. We'll always let you know the most you can earn, but it's worth checking the section below named 'Online cashback rates' so you know exactly what cashback rate you can get for your purchase.

We'll display every cashback rate currently available for this retailer. Whilst the majority of the time, you can purchase anything and get cashback, there may be occasions where cashback is limited to certain products or services. If you don't see a cashback rate that is applicable to the purchase you are making, it may mean the retailer doesn't offer cashback for the item or services you are looking to purchase. If you're ever unsure, it's always better to check with us first before making your purchase so we can help you determine if cashback will be due.

Are there any terms and conditions for cashback?

Each retailer will have their own conditions for cashback, and these are all listed underneath the retailers cashback rates with the headers 'What will stop me earning cashback?'. It's always worth having a browse through this section, to check you meet all the terms.

As well as the terms, we also have a section called 'Good to know'. These are more useful bits of knowledge to be aware of with a retailer, for example if they track lower initially and then update in time.

Alternatively you may find a list of 'Cashback do's and don'ts' on the retailer's page, which, similarly to above, outline the retailer's terms and conditions for cashback.

How do I make a purchase?

So you've checked through the rates and read all the useful nuggets of information and decided on what you want to purchase, and what cashback rate you will expect. All that's left to do on our site now is to click 'get cashback'.

There is a button to click through beside any offer or cashback rate. They will all take you through to the retailer and allow us to track your purchase for cashback. Sometimes where cashback rates or more specific, we've been helpful to make the specific link take you to the part of the retailer page to take you right to the page you need!

After clicking through, you'll see this pop up:

This is us redirecting you through to a retailer page. The retailers page will then load up automatically and you're away shopping as normal! Continue to make your purchase as you normally would, and we'll then do the rest of the work for you to track your cashback.

What happens next?

Once you've completed your purchase online, the majority of retailers will see the purchase track within 72 hours. Your purchase will track on your activity page and go through the necessary steps. You just need to sit back and wait, and we'll do all the work for you and even drop you an email to let you know when your cashback is confirmed and ready to withdraw!

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