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What are the differences between the Premium and Basic memberships?
What are the differences between the Premium and Basic memberships?

Find out the difference between our membership types, and how to manage your membership type

Updated over a week ago

Quidco has two different types of accounts to choose from: Basic and Premium.

When you register, you're opted into our Premium membership.

This provides you with additional benefits, including:

• Cashback at 4500+ retailers
• Up to 10% top-up on cashback rates
• Double the Difference Highest Cashback Guarantee
• Up to 20% payout bonuses
• Ad-free experience

If you'd like to downgrade from Premium to Basic, you can do so effective immediately via your Settings page under 'Account Type'. You can also upgrade here if you are currently on a Basic account.

To access the extra features that a Premium account offers, we'll retain £1 of your cashback monthly when you're actively using Quidco.

If you take a break from using Quidco, there is no retention fee. Your Premium account will be considered inactive if you have not made a transaction for 30 days. You will continue to be a Premium member and your account will be free from monthly retention fees.

Please note

If you are not logged in to your account, the rates you will see on-site are Premium rates. To make sure that you are seeing the right rates for your membership type, please log into your account.

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