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How to manage your Quidco membership level
How to manage your Quidco membership level

Find out where to manage your account type

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There are 2 types of Quidco account that you can choose from, a Basic account or a Premium account

You can find out more about what the differences are between the two accounts here

How to upgrade to a Premium Account

It’s free to upgrade to Quidco Premium. In exchange for Premium benefits, including up to 10% top-up, we retain £1 of your cashback earnings monthly when you’re actively using Quidco.

If you take a break from shopping and have not made a transaction for 30 days, your Premium account will be considered inactive. You will continue to be a Premium member and your account will be free from monthly premium retention fees.

You can upgrade to a Premium account via your settings at any time and it will only take a few seconds.

How to downgrade to a Basic Account

You can downgrade to a Basic account effective immediately at any time via your settings but you will lose your Premium benefits - including topped-up cashback rates across the site.

It is free of charge to downgrade your account to a basic account, but you will still need to pay any outstanding balance from having a premium account previously.

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