If you've signed up for a Quidco account using a bonus offer, all you need to do is make a qualifying purchase which meets the terms and conditions of the offer you've used.

If you signed up via a refer a friend bonus, you will need to earn at least £5 in paid retailer cashback to meet the terms and trigger the bonus to be paid.

The cashback amount from your purchase will automatically track into your Quidco account on your Activity page within 72 hours of making the purchase. The bonus amount will also appear using your Bonus Cashback filter in your Activity page with the status 'Tracked'. Now you've made a qualifying purchase, we're just waiting for the retailer to approve your cashback before we pay your bonus.

Once your bonus is ready to be paid it will update to 'Confirmed' on your Activity page tab and will be made available to withdraw from your payments page.

If you're looking on the app, you'll see the bonus is located in a different, unique section created just for bonuses.

For app: At the bottom tray, select 'Account'. You should then see the bonus tab as highlighted:

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