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When will I get my cashback?
When will I get my cashback?
Updated over a week ago

When you shop with Quidco, you'll be able to see an estimated payment date for your cashback on your activity page. This date will give you an idea of when you can expect to receive your funds.

We rely on retailers paying us before we can pay you

It's important to note that this date depends on when the retailer pays us. So, if your cashback hasn't been confirmed by the estimated payment date, please don't worry!

Our team will continue to investigate the issue and contact the retailer for a resolution. Once we receive confirmation and add the cashback to your payments page, you'll be able to withdraw your funds.

Where to find the estimated payment date for retailers

You can check the estimated payment timeframe on the retailer's Quidco page if you're wondering when you'll receive your cashback. However, remember that this timeframe may differ depending on the retailer.

Important points about estimated payment dates

In some cases, these dates may not be visible in your account if the merchant has not provided us with one or if there is a delay. Please rest assured, this does not indicate an issue and your cashback will still be processed as usual.

Keep your eyes peeled for the section in the terms and conditions on the retailer's page that looks like this:

 A screenshot of where to find the cashback payment timeframes on most retailer pages. It shows how long cashback takes to track into your account, and also how long it takes to be paid into your balance.
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