Using the Cashback Reminder extension

Never forget to earn cashback again. Our browser extension makes it simple to save, with just one click.

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Sometimes life is just too busy and we understand how easy it can be to forget things! Just popping online quickly to order some food off JustEat, or ordering that last-minute gift from Moonpig for a friend's Birthday - we get that it can be a rush and sometimes you just forget to open Quidco first and then you miss out on all that cashback!

If you visited either of those retailers along with over 5,000 other retailers after installing our Cashback Reminder browser extension, it wouldn't matter that you forgot about us, as we never forgot about you and would pop up to save the day and remind you to make your purchase through us to get cashback!

How does it work?

With the Quidco Cashback Reminder installed, you'll be prompted when you visit a retailer who is supported to activate cashback. You'll need to be already signed into your Quidco account to take advantage of this, but when you are signed in and say you visited JustEat, you'll see this pop-up in the corner of your screen:

It's then as easy as it looks. You'll be able to press 'See more discounts' to see a full list of rates and offers available. You can then either click on the rate itself to start the tracking process, or press the yellow 'activate' button at the top. You'll see the page redirect but don't worry, as this is just the same as if you had visited the retailer on Quidco then pressed 'Get Cashback'. You might have noticed that when you've shopped with us through our website or app, there is a few seconds of a redirect page - well this is us ensuring the purchase is traceable and being linked to us so that we can track this for you. Once that's redirected, you'll see that cashback is activated and you can continue to shop as normal!

It's that simple, and all without you having to go to your Quidco account at all! What's even better, is that if you're not sure who you want to shop with and just browsing the web looking to be inspired, you can always tell from a glance if a retailer offers cashback or not through us with the Cashback reminder, as you'll see the web search return as follows, reminding you to get cashback before you've even decided where to shop!

How do I install the extension?

Installing the Cashback Reminder extension is quick, easy, free and can be done in a few clicks. First, go to our Cashback Reminder page. From here, you just click 'Add for free' button if you're using either Google Chrome, Safari or Microsoft Edge browsers.

There you go, you've now successfully added a free life-saver to your browser to help you get cashback when you forget! 🛒

What platforms can I get Quidco’s Cashback Reminder on?

You can use the extension on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari on mobile and Safari on web.

How does the new Safari iOS version work?

The Cashback Reminder has been around for a while now and we have been working hard in the background to bring it to Safari on iOS devices.

The easiest way to install this is to go to via Safari on your phone and click the link that is then shown on site, it will automatically direct you to the app store to download the Cashback Reminder app.

Once the app is installed there is a very handy video for you to watch and follow the instructions. These instructions will show you how to enable notifications; it's really important to note that if you don’t enable these then the reminder won’t work and won’t show on retailer websites.

Once it's installed, you can shop like normal through Safari and the Cashback Reminder does the hard work for you and will appear at the top of the page you visit, as long as it’s a retailer we support on Quidco. If it’s not on Quidco then it won’t appear. It’s that simple!

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Can I get the cashback reminder on my Mac?

Yes! We also support Safari Web so if you prefer that bigger screen for doing your shopping then you don’t have to miss out on cashback.

The same as the mobile version if you visit when on Safari mobile and download the Cashback Reminder App, install the correct permissions for this to work on Safari and it will appear on the top of the retailers website when you shop.

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What about my iPad, Can I get it on there?

Sure! The same as mobile and web versions you can download and use the Quidco Cashback Reminder to earn cashback whilst you shop!

Follow the same steps as above to install and set up permissions so the cashback reminder can do its job and remind you when cashback is available.

What platforms can I get the cashback reminder on my Windows device?

As well as Apple platforms we also support Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

You can download either version by visiting the Chrome Store or Microsoft Store.

Alternatively, if you visit our website will be able to tell which browser you are visiting us on and take you to the correct store to download it.

I use Firefox, is there a Cashback Reminder for this?

Unfortunately, we don’t currently support Firefox.

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