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What is Quidco Compare?
What is Quidco Compare?

Learn about our very own comparison service here!

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Quidco Compare is our very own comparison service that lets you compare prices for various insurance policies (home, travel, car, van, motorcycle, pet), broadband packages, and energy tariffs (electricity, gas and dual fuel). We work with a wide range of providers for each category, all of whom offer cashback!

All you have to do is choose the policy, package or tariff that best fits your needs, make your purchase through our service, and once your purchase is confirmed, we'll add the cashback to your Quidco account.

How long does it take for Quidco Compare cashback to track?

Please don't worry if you don't see your purchase tracking immediately. Quidco Compare works differently to regular cashback in regards to how long it takes for the cashback to show up in your activity page.

The cashback may show as a £0 amount, but please note that this is not the 'proper' tracked cashback but rather an indicator that you have used Quidco Compare. Cashback will always track with a cashback amount above £0.


If you purchase Pet, Van, or Motorcycle insurance, you can expect the cashback to appear as 'tracked' on your account within 8 weeks of the purchase date. The cashback will be ready for withdrawal approximately 3-4 months after this initial period.

When it comes to Car and Home insurance, you can expect to see the cashback reflected in your account as 'tracked' approximately 90 days after the date of purchase. The funds should be available for withdrawal within 3-4 months from that point.

For Travel Insurance, you can expect to see the cashback marked as 'tracked' on your account approximately 8 weeks following the purchase date. The cashback becomes available for withdrawal around 3-4 months after the policy ends.

If you switch your broadband or energy provider, the cashback should be reflected as 'tracked' on your account approximately 72 hours after the purchase date. You can withdraw the cashback between 4-6 months after this time.

We have to wait for these timeframes to pass before being able to look into missing cashback. Please reach out to our support team if the timeframes above have passed, and you can't see a cashback amount above £0 for your Quidco Compare purchase.

Tracking tips

To help with our tracking process, we suggest creating a new quote before making a purchase. To do so, you can either restart the process or select 'Reuse details' to retrieve an updated quote from your Quidco Compare quotes page. Please note that using a saved quote may result in different prices than the original date due to the way comparison sites function, which may affect your cashback amount.

Still have questions?

If you've got any questions that we haven't covered, or if your Quidco Compare cashback is still showing as £0 after the timeframes listed above, please contact us via Messenger.

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