You’ve made your purchases, we’ve received the money, now it’s time to withdraw. We offer a variety of different payment options from straight to your bank or PayPal to store specific gift cards which give you a percentage uplift on your cashback amount. If you use the Quidco app you are also able to withdraw part of your balance.

When we receive a cashback amount we will notify you and update the purchase in your activity to “confirmed”. When you see the status “confirmed” you’ll know that this cashback amount is ready to be paid to you. You simply need to head to your payments page and click “withdraw” on the preferred option of payment and we'll take care of the rest.

If you wish to withdraw to your bank or PayPal account, make sure we have your up to date details registered on your settings page. When you add a new PayPal or BACS details, there will be a 48 hour hold period for us to security check these. Please allow up to 6 working days for the payment to reach you.

We’ll keep a running record for you on your statement page of all cashback amounts that have reached the “confirmed” status and a log of all withdrawals you make and what method of withdrawal you used.

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