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How do I find what I’m looking for?
How do I find what I’m looking for?

How to navigate our search bar and find a retailer to shop with

Updated over a week ago

With over 4500 retailers we have something for everyone and we have several ways for you to find what you’re looking for. At the top of every page on Quidco you will see our search bar, if you know the retailer you want to purchase from pop their name in the search bar and off you go. Know what you want to buy but not sure where to buy it from? Pop the name of the product in the search bar and we will show you the retailers you can buy from and the rates of cashback you can earn, as seen below:

Just looking to browse? At the top of your Quidco page you will see a host of categories to look through from holidays to home insurance. Noticed a retailer you shop from often? Add them to your favourites to get notified of rate changes and special offers. Simply go to their page on Quidco and hit the favourite button, then anytime you want to quickly access them hover over the heart on your search bar and see a list of your favourites.

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