Sometimes life is just too busy and we understand how easy it can be to forget things! Just popping online quickly to order some food off JustEat, or ordering that last minute gift from Moonpig for a friends Birthday - we get that it can be a rush and sometimes you just forget to open Quidco first and then you miss out on all that cashback!

If you visited either of those retailers along with over 4,300 after installing our Cashback Reminder tool, it wouldn't matter that you forgot about us, as we never forgot about you and would pop up to save the day and remind you to make your purchase through us to get cashback!

How does it work?

With the cashback tool installed, you'll be prompted when you visit a retailer who is supported to activate cashback. You'll need to be already signed into your Quidco account to take advantage of this, but when you are signed in and say you visited JustEat, you'd see this pop up at the top right:

It's then as easy as it looks. You'll be able to press 'See more discounts' to see a full list of rates and offers available. You can then either press the rate itself to start the tracking process, or press the yellow 'activate' button at the top. You'll see the page redirect but don't worry, as this is just the same as if you had visited the retailer on Quidco then pressed 'Get Cashback'. You might have noticed that when you've shopped with us through our website or app, there is a few seconds of a redirect page - well this is us ensuring the purchase is traceable and being linked to us so that we can track this for you. Once that's redirected, you'll see that cashback is activated and you can continue to shop as normal!

It's that simple, and all without you having to go to your Quidco account at all! What's even better, is that if you're not sure who you want to shop with and just browsing the web looking to be inspired, you can always tell from a glance if a retailer offers cashback or not through us with the Cashback reminder, as you'll see the web search return as follows, reminding you to get cashback before you've even decided where to shop!

How do I install this?

Installing the Cashback reminder is quick and easy, completed in just a couple of clicks. It's also totally free and available to all members! First, go to our cashback reminder page. From here, you just click 'Add to Chrome for free'. It's worth noting at this stage that Chrome is the only two browser supported but our tech guys are hard at work for those who want this to be a feature on other browsers!

There you go, you've now successfully added a free life-saver to your browser to help you get cashback when you forget! 🛒 We've got your backs 😉

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