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Can I refer my friends to Quidco?
Can I refer my friends to Quidco?
Updated over a week ago

Know someone who would love Quidco?

In our opinion, the biggest compliment you can pay us is by recommending Quidco to your friends and family. To show our appreciation, we’ll give you a cashback bonus for each friend that joins us and earns their first £5 of confirmed cashback.

Visit our referrals page and copy your unique link to send to your friends. Once they've sign up through the link and earned £5 cashback you'll have a referral bonus automatically added into your Quidco account.

Want to think a bit bigger? Why not use our social media links and share your referral on Twitter or Facebook, the same rules apply and you’ll get a cashback bonus for everyone who signs up via your link and earns £5.

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