You may have noticed there is no new Monthly Bonus to earn in March. We do hope you enjoyed the Monthly Bonus while it lasted and that you love the new rewards even more when we launch in the future!

You can still use your Monthly Reward earned in February, and you can view this here. In the app, you can view this in your 'Account' tab, under the section 'Rewards'.

We'd love to hear any feedback you may have on our Monthly Bonus. If you have a spare couple of moments, you can let us know your thoughts.

When will my Rewards be tracked?

When you make a purchase in March that is eligible for the reward unlocked in February - you'll see the Boost track and update to your Activity page on web (or Boost tab on app). In some instances, this may take up to a week to be visible.

When will my Reward be paid?

The reward will be linked to an eligible purchase(s) on your account. Once the qualifying purchase(s) show as confirmed, your Boost Reward will be paid. In some instances, this may take up to a week to be paid.

I still have a Reward from a previous month that hasn't paid.

If you've seen that your eligible purchase for the Boost Reward is confirmed but the Boost is not yet paid - please don't worry! We're aware that some Boosts have not yet paid and our tech team are already working on fixing this. This will update and pay automatically once fixed so there's no need to contact us.

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