We have an amazing exclusive offer for the first 2,000 Quidco members to click through and purchase the Ultimate Night In bundle for £9 with Joe & Seph's. This offer is only available on Thursday the 10th June, starting 9am and lasting until 2,000 members have purchased (or midnight if 2,000 is not reached). After your purchase has tracked, you'll see the cashback update to track at £9 making the cost of your purchase free!

The total cost including delivery will be £12, and the cashback is on the cost of the popcorn bundle priced at £9. The extra £3 is for delivery and cashback would not be eligible on the delivery part of your order.

How do you get this deal? It's as simple as clicking through to Joe & Seph's through Quidco, where you'll be taken to a specially designed page for us, allowing you to purchase your popcorn bundle!

Easy right? Get yourself the Ultimate Night In bundle - all for free! You might have a few questions about this offer, so hopefully they'll all be answered below with a few good to know points.

When will my cashback track?

Your cashback should track within a few hours (it's pretty fast) but do allow up to 72 hours just in case. It's recommended you clear your browser cookies often when using Quidco - so you might want to do this now 🍪

What if my cashback does not track?

In the rare instance where you fail to see your cashback track, we'd need you to raise a missing cashback claim, which you can do here. Don't worry, you'll be able to raise the claim for the full £9 cashback. Remember that your claim would only need to be for the purchase amount, and delivery would not be cashback eligible.

How much can I order?

This offer is limited to one per account. If you order multiple items you would only see £9 cashback track. It's recommended that if you want to make multiple orders you do those on a separate visit to Joe & Seph's via Quidco so you can get the normal cashback tracking on those orders 🎉

What happens if my cashback tracks incorrectly?

It's normal that your cashback will not track at £9 right away. Don't worry though - there is nothing you need to do. This will update to the full amount within 24 hours.

When will I receive my order?

Can't wait to dive in and share your popcorn over a movie? Don't blame you! Hopefully you'll receive your order pretty fast, but do allow up to 10 working days for this to arrive.

Is there a full list of terms?

Of course there is! You can find these here

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