Highest Cashback Guarantee (HCG) is where we guarantee to match any other cashback rate from a UK cashback competitor site. Not only will we match their rate, but we're so confident that we should have the better rate the majority of the time that we'll even add a little bit extra on top. This means that even if in the unlikely event that we don't have the best rate, we will make sure you get the most amount of cashback with us.

In this article, we'll go over what makes a purchase eligible for HCG, how much you'll get and how to calculate this.


  • A HCG must be raised within 72 hours of purchase

  • A dated screenshot will be provided showing the competitor rate

  • A higher cashback rate must be with a UK cashback website available to the wider public (this will exclude membership based cashback sites or cashback offers from retailers directly)

  • The cashback rate must be like for like

  • Purchases through Quidco Compare are not valid

You can see the full terms of HCG here.

How much will you get?

There are two different ways that we pay HCG, depending on the membership type you have. Below you'll see a table comparing the basic vs premium HCG amounts. Premium here is a member who joined or upgraded to premium on or after the 13th November 2019. Anyone on premium before this would be on the old, legacy premium membership and would need to upgrade to get the new premium benefits.

Basic / Legacy Premium


We'll match the competitor cashback rate and add an extra 2% of their rate on top

We'll give you double the difference between us and the competitor rate, on top of the rate advertised on Quidco

How is it calculated?

We'll go over two examples below to help explain how this works.

Spend amount: £100

Quidco cashback rate: 10%

Competitor cashback rate: 15%

Basic / Legacy Premium:

For this, we will literally give you the rate that you show us a competitor has, and add an extra 2% of their rate on top.

So with the above numbers, we will first match the competitor rate of 15%, so you get 15% from us. To meet our guarantee of beating the competitor rate, you will see 2% of the competitors 15% added. 2% of 15% = 0.3%, so your final cashback rate is 15.3%.

In this example, your cashback has increased from the normal Quidco rate which would have given you £10 cashback, to giving you £15.30 with your HCG.


As a premium member, we reward you with even more cashback! We will give you double the difference between our rate and the competitor rate, and add this to our rate. Using the same numbers as above, let's see what this would net you in actual cashback!

The difference between Quidco's 10% and the competitor 15% is 5%. The first thing we do is double that, giving you 10%. We then add this to our advertised rate which was 10%, meaning you actually get 20% cashback. With the spend amount of £100, that see's your cashback increase from £10 to £20!

How to raise a HCG claim

So you've understood what HCG is and also know how it's worked out. You've found a better rate elsewhere and are confident it meets all terms. You even have your dated screenshot proving the competitor rate!

All you need to do, is go to our messenger in the bottom right of this page. Press 'Send us a message' and then select 'I need help with my cashback'. You can then navigate to HCG and go through the messenger options where we will collect all the information relating to the claim. A member of the team will review your submission and get back to you within 24 hours. If all is successful, you'll then see your tracked cashback increase to include the new HCG amount within 72 hours.

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