Some retailers have extended their returns period during what has been their most challenging festive period, to take into consideration a lockdown environment where people can’t get out as often. As a result, the boosts will not all be paid as expected. As soon as your qualifying purchases are approved, the boosts will be paid automatically within 7 working days.

Just in time for Black Friday and Christmas - we're bringing you our biggest bonanza ever! Click on the image above to start earning your rewards! Any eligible purchases made from 09:00 on the 24th November 2020 up until midnight on the 20th December 2020 will be eligible towards unlocking your rewards!

You can earn up to £90 in rewards over this festive period - so it's the perfect time to get your Christmas shopping in and grab something extra on top. Whether it's making purchases this Black Friday or simply referring your friends to join us - we've got something for you.

There are 5 challenges to this bonanza, and they all work in tandem.

How does it work?

There are 5 sections to the seasonal bonanza-

£2.50 reward for the number of purchases made

£2.50 reward for the amount of cashback earned

£5.00 reward for the number of purchases made

£5.00 reward for the amount of cashback earned

£75.00 reward for referring your friends

To unlock the £2.50 or £5 rewards - you'll just need to make eligible purchases as normal with the minimum amount specified. Any purchase you make or cashback that tracks between 09:00 on the 24th November and midnight on the 20th December will be included.

Any purchases you make will count to each section, so you don't need to complete one section before doing the next - you can literally be gaining progress across the board with every purchase you make!

Additional Boosts and Flashbacks

Every single day of this bonanza you'll see 4 extra opportunities to earn big! These will be visible as Flashbacks and Boosts.

Flashbacks are something you might be familiar with by now. In a simple term - it's a massively increased cashback rate for a limited period of time. The quickest and easiest way to fill up your rewards tracker when it comes to how much cashback you've earned. You can find the important things to note about Flashbacks below:

  • Cashback will track lower initially and increase within 3 working days

  • Any maximum cashback per order will be listed within the cashback rate

You can find more detail about Flashbacks here.

Boosts are something quite new to Quidco. These are little boosts to the normal cashback you earn and paid in addition to the cashback that comes from the retailer. The amount can vary depending on the retailer and offer - so be sure to check the bonanza page daily to see what new Boosts we are offering! Important things to know about our Boosts are listed below:

  • Boosts will track within 24 hours of your purchase being made on your activity page

  • They will track automatically when an eligible purchase is made with no opt in necessary, with the exception of eBay and Iceland who will require an opt in. To opt in to the Boost for eBay or Iceland, simply press the Boost offer on the bonanza page.

  • In the event of an untracked purchase - the Boost will track on the back of a missing cashback claim being raised.

  • The Boost will not count toward the total earned amount earned in the seasonal challenges


When will the seasonal challenge rewards be paid? - These will be paid to your Quidco account on the 10th February 2021

How long does it take for the tracker to update when I've purchased? - Any purchases you make will update on your seasonal reward tracker within 24 hours

What defines a friend as 'active' once referred? - A friend will need to join Quidco using the referral link from your RAF page. To be active, they need to earn at least £5 in paid retailer cashback

What if my purchase fails to track? - You can raise a missing cashback claim for this. A valid claim will count toward your seasonal rewards.

Is there a full list of terms? - Yes of course! You can see a full list of terms at the bottom of the bonanza page here.

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