Starting 10pm on Friday the 20th November, Aviva are making some improvements to their system which means you won’t be able to get a quote, buy, renew or make changes to your policy online or on the phone, or log into MyAviva. They expect to be back up and running on Monday the 23rd November.

This will not affect any cashback tracked, or any ongoing claims - so please rest assured these will continue to process as normal.

If you are looking to purchase Car Insurance with Aviva please be aware that you will we will not be able to track any purchases made during this time. We advise not to call Aviva and attempt to purchase over the phone - as we will not be able to track cashback for purchases made in this way. You will still see that they are live on Quidco, so please don't worry as once the site is back up and running on the 23rd November you'll be able to click through and purchase as normal.

This will also affect any purchases made through Quidco Compare. Quotes returned for Aviva will not convert to sales with the outage and the £35 cashback through Compare will not be expected to track during this time.

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