Looking to request cashback as a Love2Shop gift card? Before you do, here's a few things you might need to know 👇

  • The minimum withdrawal amount is £5.00

  • Cashback may only be requested in denominations of round numbers. Any cashback requested below £1.00 will be lost

  • The gift card is for online use only

  • Once received, a gift card will be valid for 6 months

  • The gift card may show a nil balance when received, but this is normal and it will update to the expected balance within 2 working days

  • Love2Shop gift cards are non-refundable so please be certain about your withdrawal before committing

Find a walkthrough below on how to use your Love2Shop rewards gift card:

First, open your email from Quidco and you'll see your gift card looking as seen in the following format

Press the highlighted 'Redeem your code' button to be taken through to L2S, where you will be prompted to continue and be able to spend the gift card. Any important information you need such as the code number and the expiry date will be found here. It's advised to keep hold of your email until you've spent your balance so that you can always access it wherever needed.

Pressing this button will take you to the following page:

On here, you will need to enter the code given to you on your email. You may want to copy your code from the email we sent you, but most browsers will auto-fill the code for you when you press the button in your email.


You might see that if you're super keen to open the gift card as soon as you receive it that there is no balance shown on this screen. If that's the case, there's no need to panic! Love2Shop gift cards work in a unique way that means in rare instances, you might not see that the gift card is loaded with a balance right away. If that ever happens, you won't need to contact us as you'll see that it will have a balance added automatically within 48 hours.

Continuing on - once you've pressed enter after inputting the code, you'll be taken to a homepage of L2S where you will see your screen look like this:

Up at the top right you will see where I have a red blur, you will have your 'available balance'. You can then scroll down the page and use this balance to request one of a wide variety of gift cards hosted by L2S.

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