Are you seeing your Argos cashback look like this? Unlike most retailers, Argos will track to your account even in situations where cashback is not expected. In these cases, this will track with an amount of zero cashback. Let's explore why this tracking is happening on your account.

Why has it tracked at zero?

The most common reason for cashback tracking like this with Argos is when you purchase something that is not cashback eligible. Argos are a huge retailer with many different categories, ranging from white goods to kids toys and everything in between. They don't have a blanket cashback offer for any item purchased, and will only offer cashback on a particular type of product. At the time of writing this, these are the cashback rates live with Argos

As you can see from this list, there's a very specific list of options as to what is offering cashback, and anything purchased outside of these rates would track at zero cashback. Let's assume I'm wanting to buy a sofa from Argos. This wouldn't be eligible as there is no specific rate for a sofa, neither is there a rate for the category of 'Home and Furniture' or 'Living room furniture'. You can always see the category of the item your purchasing on Argos' website, at the top of the page. If I was to buy this sofa with the above cashback rates, I would expect this to track at zero.

But there was an offer for all purchases?

Unfortunately, Argos do not offer cashback on a general 'all items' purchase. You may be confusing the offers at the top of the retailer page with the cashback rates.

The highlighted section above is where we display all offers the retailer wishes to promote. In this example, you can see that the top offer is advertising that you can 'order online today for fast home delivery'. You'll then see there this is followed with '+ up to £50 cashback'. This is telling you that you can get fast home delivery, as well as up to £50 cashback. We say 'up to' as this would of course depend on the item being cashback eligible so the £50 is the maximum you could get from Argos on this day.

You'll notice that the second offer is for promoting garden furniture, and this one does not have an 'up to' rate, as the cashback for garden furniture is a very specific cashback rate of 4%.

It's very important not to confuse the top offers section with the cashback rates outlined underneath them.

How can I check if an item is cashback eligible?

Drop us a message on our messenger with the item code (in the format 123/4567) and we can check this for you if you are unsure 😎 It's always advised doing this before you make the purchase if you are unsure.

My purchase has tracked at zero but I did purchase from the right category

If you are certain that your purchase met all the conditions outlined in the section 'What will stop me earning cashback' and you did make a purchase from the correct category of Argos, please raise this as a missing cashback claim.

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