If you can't make a withdrawal, please don't worry. There are a few reasons why this might happen:

- You don't have the minimum withdrawal amount - You must have more than £1 in confirmed cashback to withdraw your funds.

- Your Premium membership fee has been retained - If you are a Quidco Premium member, we retain a small amount of your account balance to cover your additional account benefits. We retain £1 when you upgrade to a Premium membership and then £1 per active 30 days. These amounts are deducted from your account balance when you make a withdrawal request.

- You are using a VPN or trying to withdraw from outside of the UK. If this is the case, you'll need to disable your VPN, or wait till you return home to the UK. If you will be away from the UK for an extended period and require access to your funds, contact our support team.

- Your account has been blocked - If this is the case you'll see an error message on your payments page. You'll just need to check your registered email address to see if we've contacted you and check that your bank details are up to date.

If you're still unable to make a withdrawal, please contact the customer support team.

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