**Due to the current Covid-19 Pandemic effecting retailers worldwide, some cashback payments are taking a little longer to reach us than expected. This is largely in part to retailers working with staff on Furlough and working from a home environment. Please be assured we are still working as hard as ever to get your cashback and you will receive a confirmation email once it is ready to withdraw from your account, as well as seeing an update in your activity page**

Cashback is paid from the referral fee which is paid to Quidco by the retailer as a reward for referring our members to make a purchase.

The retailer has to confirm you have followed all of the terms and conditions for cashback on a purchase, which generally happens after the retailers return period has ended. If the retailer agrees that you're eligible for cashback, they'll then send a referral fee through to Quidco and we'll add the cashback to your account from that.

This whole process can take around 3 months for general retail stores and up to 9 months for financial products. You'll be given an estimated payment speed on the retailer's Quidco page before you click through, so you can see how long the cashback is expected to take. If the estimated payment date does pass, we'll automatically chase the retailer for you so you don't need to do anything.

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