**Due to the current Covid-19 Pandemic effecting retailers worldwide, some cashback payments are taking a little longer to reach us than expected. This is largely in part to retailers working with staff on furlough and working from a home environment. Please be assured we are still working as hard as ever to get your cashback and you will receive a confirmation email once it is ready to withdraw from your account, as well as seeing an update in your activity page.**

When you've made your purchase and the cashback has 'tracked', we will provide you with an estimated payment date on your activity page to set your expectations of when the funds will come through.

The estimated payment dates we provide take into consideration a number of factors to give you the most accurate estimation we can, but, in order for us make payment over to you, we do have to wait for the retailer to pay us first.

If the cashback is not confirmed by the estimated payment date, our dedicated team will begin chasing the retailer for a resolution as soon as possible, before you even contact us. Leave this with us, as soon as we get this resolved we'll add the cashback to your payments page.

In all cases, as soon as we receive the cashback from the retailer, we will make it available to for you to withdraw via your payments page.

You can always see an indication of a retailers estimated payment speed at any time, by checking the retailer's page on Quidco.

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