Tracking can be affected by your browser settings. Please ensure that you have enabled cookies and pop-ups and remember that if your browser has recently undergone an update, you’ll need to check that these are still enabled, as updates may cause them to disable.

If you're still having an issue, please review the following checklist to ensure your browser is setup correctly:

  • Ensure you are not using a pop-up blocker/ad-blocker.

  • Enable JavaScript in your browser.

  • Enable cookie tracking on your firewall.

  • Don't use private browsing or incognito windows.

  • If possible, use a dedicated browser for all your shopping.

  • Don't use any voucher codes received from any source other than Quidco.

  • Complete your purchase in one sitting only.

  • Don't use a saved quote or previously saved shopping carts.

  • Don't open too many website tabs in the same browser.

  • Complete your purchase wholly online.

  • Don't mix products with different cashback rates within the same purchase as the retailer will track everything at the lower rate.

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