We know it’s very disappointing when this happens and we’ll do everything possible to help.

First, take a look at these possible reasons for the cashback being declined:

  • The purchase was returned, cancelled or the order amended.

  • The purchase was not completed wholly online.

  • Another referrer has been awarded the cashback commission (e.g. a price comparison site or a voucher site).

  • You didn’t comply with the terms and conditions of the retailer.

  • A voucher code or gift code not authorised by us was used.

  • The merchant has ceased trading or has gone into administration.

If you don’t think any of these apply to your purchase please raise a declined cashback claim and we’ll contact the retailer to find out why they declined the cashback.

It's worth noting that you cannot raise a claim if you already have a claim raised on a purchase. Some retailers will not allow claims and in these rare situations, we'll outline this in the 'Good to know' section of the retailers Quidco page. If this is the case, unfortunately we will not be able to investigate your decline further.

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