Please don't worry, if your purchase doesn't track automatically after 72 hours, you can raise a missing cashback claim to track it manually.

To raise the claim you'll simply need to find the date that you purchased and fill in a few details about your purchase so that we can send these to the retailer to match them to your purchase at their end. Please make sure that you raise the claim within 7 weeks of your purchase date, because the retailer is unlikely to accept claims from us after this time.

Once raised, we'll hold your claim until the retailer's returns period is over then send it off to them so they can verify that your purchase met all the terms and conditions and was referred by Quidco. When the retailer is happy that your purchase is eligible for cashback your claim will update to a 'successful' status. Then we just need to wait for the retailer to send across the cashback so we can add it to your account, this can take a couple of weeks from the claim becoming 'successful.'

You can keep track of the progress of your claim on your Activity page.

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