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Where is my cashback claim?
Where is my cashback claim?
Updated over a week ago

You can find the most up to date information regarding your claim using the claims filter on your Activity page. Claims may take slightly longer to process than tracked transactions as they follow a more manual process, but we will update you via email once your claim has been approved by the retailer.

It's very normal that a claim can take up to 6 months to process fully for a standard retail purchase. Claims for utilities and insurance can often take around 8 months. A claim will take longer to process as it requires many more stages with more checking and it's a much more manual process. If your claim does fall delayed however, please don't worry as we will chase this up automatically for you, without you even contacting us to let us know!

Once your claim has been approved it will show as 'successful' on your Activity page and it may take a further few weeks to update to 'confirmed' so that you're able to withdraw the cashback. This is nothing to worry about, we simply need to wait for the retailer to send the cashback to us after they've approved the claim.

Once your claim is available for payment you'll be able to see it in your payments page.

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